Letra de Happy Birthday Germ (Ft Shakewell & Germ)

Letras de Pouya

"Happy Birthday Germ (Ft Shakewell & Germ)"

Yuh, aye, yuh, yuh, yuh
She hop on the soil, get mental wit it
Get wet, don't trip on the set I bet
I'm a vet in the game, I pave my own lane
I changed the whole thing
Put that Rogaine on that pussy
No more duckin' in the bushes
From the police, never worry 'bout lease
I buy that whole, cash
I been living so nicely lately
I been feelin' so icy, I might be the one you don't wanna test
I guess you say I'm intelligent
Why you abusin' yo medicine?
The devil is coming, don't let him in
Sittin' down, talkin' to Letterman
Sendin' love letters
[?], hoe
Just the one that ride around with a .44
I ain't never going back to bein' a bus boy
No one could comprise what I've created
Don't settle for less, gotta go for the latest
Hoe you can't save me, double up on my savings
Split it with the homies that raised me
And made me who I am today
Bust the Mac-11 then I throw it away
Feds pull up on the kid, they gon' put him away
So I dip down the block, got no time to waste
Baby take attention, savor it
Just bought a Benz for my favorite bitch whippin' that 1999 Jag
Two fat hoes [?]
Drag racing down ocean drive
With a blindfold covering my eyes
You wanna fuck with me, you gotta suck my guys
You want my respect, then don't tell no lies
Peace signs up out the window like Nixon
Here creep the po-po, oh no, I'm dippin'
Flippin' the middle finger up to your children, what was I thinkin'?
Lettin' these rappers talk to me like they on my level
Pull out the semi, I'm goin' full metal
For them hoes and my bros that wanna be a rebel
Never goin' back, never goin' back,
Never gonna settle
Resealed some Karo to serve to my patients
The free basic 'cademy slabs in the basement
Homegirls turned to hoes, takin' turns on the greatest
She's suckin' for publish and sure thinks she made it
Never the one to take time out to kick it
Schemin' the dope and I'm callin' the lippin'
Reuppin' them [?] cause your boy wants a ticket
Half 'em get flipped 'cause I'm all 'bout the business
Under half percs 'cause your boy got addictions
Your percs might be stashed when I come in the building
Been killin' this game, I'm a lean sippin' villain
This one for the children who stock off of scripts
Just pull up, pulled up with an AR, all but 6 shots
Where they brain off, eight drop
Trained to kill goon, really AWOL
Fiend to five, put the fear in his eyes
Leave him to hang though, fuck what you say though
Hands on my set when I walk in the spot
Motherfuckers heavy 'cause I hit on yo thot
Bitch you stupid, I'm ruthless, I'm truthful
I do this, I ride for the fightin', I'm slide
Ride with my double A, a nigga down
Ride 'round town, cold cut dip a nigga
Throwin' shade, [?], you a lame
'Cause I feel no pain, [?]
I'm on my dumb shit, hoppin', bum shit
I'm all this, fuck 'bout no cop, I'm on the block is hot shit
Suck my dick, bad shit