Letra de Undertow

Letras de Molotov


As the beat begin to drop and my heart begin to stop, 
 focus your attention from the toe to the top 
 of my head as it be boppin' with my eyes closed 
 cuz I like yo how the groove flows 
 What stipulates being a free man 
 you can close me in and throw me away the key, man 
 but where you hide that key you better hide it well, 
 and if you tell somebody tell that person not to tell, 
 Cuz you don't know what you got until it's gone, 
 shit let's see what happens at the end of the millenium 
 People's gone crazy getting kinda tribal, 
 middle-east, world war 3, it's in the Bible. 
 Gonna let it flow just like and undertow 
 Keep it down low you're upstream without a row 
 Si la tierra esta hecha pa' que el hombre domine, 
 porque es un pecado cuando entierro mi semilla. 
 Si los compas de Jesus eran casi vagabundos 
 porque nos echan mierda caminando por su mundo 
 Vamos, hablemos de un gran rey 
 who giveth life to the man, so they can take it away 
 it's your life, so live it, esto es para ti so get it, 
 if something is trying to get you down don't let it. 
 There's always gonna be somebody on top, 
 don't get jealous don't get mad, just give'em their props. 
 Gotta a lot of people who would like to see us stop 
 pero Dios nos regalo el Hip-hop