Lil Wayne

Letra de Check One, Two

Letras de Lil Wayne

"Check One, Two"

Mic Check 1,2 1,2 testing
Live 2 I'm On(Can You Hear Me?)

Young Carter Hot Water
I'm The New World Order
Go To War Like Pearl Harbor
Welcome Yall 2 The Barber Shop
Get Your F**kin Head Chopped
To Hell Iz Where I'll Send A Man
Like A Box Of Red Hots
I Call My Bullets Patrone
Cuz They Say Head Shots
Dang I Got All These Ice On
How Come My Sled Stopped?
I'm Like An Avalanche
Better Call The Ambulance
The Pockets Of My Pantz And Handz
Cheese No Camera Man
Plz No Man Can Stand
In These 7 And A Halfs
I Stand Taller Then Giraffes
Someone Get That Man A Raft
He's Drowning
Drowning In My Paragraphs
Fly Shit Like A Parots Ass
(Can You Hear Me?)