Cypress Hill

Letra de Hole in the Head

Letras de Cypress Hill

"Hole in the Head"

[Sen Dog] Gangster Red, whassup yo?
 [Gst Red] It's a Tribe thang
 Verse One: B-Real
 Madman gonna get cha, quick with the cuente
 See a gang, no there ain't no jugete
 Rollin like a pyscho with the windows rolled down
 Who you lookin at, you tryin to fade me clown?
 Plato, si mon, you want static
 When you reach for your gat to load your automatic
 (Boo-yaa!!)  Spittin out buckshots
 Homey say blood claat, so you can call a pig
 Cause no one could handle, I wind up, and loco
 Insane in the brain, you get the bullet and
 Chorus: B-Real, Sen Dog
 A hole in your head
 A hole in your fuckin head/A fuckin hole in your head
         In your head!
 A hole in the/your head, a hole in the/your head
 You get a hole in the head (a hole in the head) in your motherfuckin head
         Huh!/In your head
 A hole in the head, a hole in the head
 Verse Two: B-Real
 Eight barrel pumpin, system thumpin
 See a fine heina, c'mon baby jump in
 I stop to cop, here let me tell you somethin
 Me and you, bruca, we should be humpin
 Honey likes the mack, homey's got her in the bag
 But there's vato's rollin out, and they're stickin up the flag
 He jumps out with the sag, hey where ya from homes?
 It's on... he sees him reachin for his chrome
 Buckshot to the dome, jumps in the Brome
 Honey's in the back but she just wants to go home
 But he trips to the store homeboy needs a forty
 White boy at the counter's thinkin oh lordy lordy!
 Pushin on the button, panickin for nuttin
 Pigs on the way, aiyyo I smells bacon
 Dips out the store, one-time hits the corner
 And he hits the fuckin alley like his homes was Pop Warner
 Still had the forty, comin at the alley
 Seen the chief's son, pig Officer O'Malley, oink
 In the black and white thinkin he's gonna check him right
 Wrong, hah, it's gonna be on
 That pig better suck a la chrome (P.D. 187)
 A to the motherfuckin K!  (You know whassup Sen)
 Get your ass down!  And by the way
 A Scooby Doo y'all, a Scooby Doo y'all
         Scooby Doo!
 A Scooby Doo y'all, a doobie doobie doo y'all
         Doobie doo!
 A Scooby Doo y'all, Scooby Doo y'all!
         Scooby Doo!
 A Scooby Doo y'all, a Scooby doobie Doo y'all
 Verse Three: B-Real
 Six rollin up and now he's really baffled
 Brother's thinkin "Damn I never got this gaffled" (to' up)
 Beat down (down) on the way to the station
 Gaffled up from a false accusation
 Oink to the pen, you know homes the one that's where the
 attitudes apply and where the punks'll be dined
 Made a comb to a shank, I'm gonna stick ya
 Wet ya, you know homes the picture
 (Yeah you never been to jail boy!)
         Broomstick up your ass
 And by the way, you get
 Chorus 2X
 [Sen Dog] Yeah South Central and the Westside teamed up
           This is hell boy
 [Gst Red] It's a Tribe thang... straight up!  It's a Tribe thang
 [Sen Dog] What side is that Red?
 [B-Real]  Can they kick it?
           Can they kick it?
           Yeah, can they kick it?
           I'm Sirnose and they cannot kick it