Tom Hangs

Letra de Tom Hangs ft Shermanology Blessed

Letras de Tom Hangs

"Tom Hangs ft Shermanology Blessed"

First sight of rays of light I hear the birds sing
It's a sign he's giving me, everything will be okay
Sometimes when I wake up, and I'm wondering
How my life would have been if I didn't sing
I get a little stressed out, every now and then
But problems come and problems go when I'm around him
Blessed in the morning, blessed in the evening
And again I realize the reason why I sing

Blessed [x8]
I need you
Blessed [x8]
Oh yeah
Blessed [x8]
Every time
Blessed [x8]
(I'm blessed) Oh ey
(I'm blessed) I'm blessed
(I'm blessed) So blessed
(I'm blessed) So blessed