Junior Brown

Letra de Lifeguard Larry

Letras de Junior Brown

"Lifeguard Larry"

Well I met this gal down by the ocean, she let me use her towel and her suntan lotion
But she was swimmin' toward the lifeguard and payin' no attention to me
She started lookin' white and a little winded and I saw the lifeguard dart on in
When he pulled her out I swear he winked at me

She's gettin' mouth to mouth first aid from good 'ol lifeguard Larry
He's the expert at pullin' girl out of the sea
He's doin' his level best, she's breathin' heavy from her chest
And she don't look like she's hurt too bad to me

His mouth to mouth resuscitation has gotten quite a reputation
But it's only pretty girls that have emergencies
I wish those babes would learn to swim and quit parading around for him
Because in those skimpy suits there's not much he don't see


He answers trouble calls so quick with girls pretending to be sick
He's got 'em makin' lines as far as the eye can see
I wish he'd quit pickin' the flowers and get back up there on his tower
And leave one of those pretty bathin babes for me ... but no