Junior Brown

Letra de Joe The Singing Janitor

Letras de Junior Brown

"Joe The Singing Janitor"

You heard about the singing breakmen, you mighta seen a singing cowboy too
Well I'm Joe the Singin' Janitor, I'm at a theater near you
I'll also be appearing at the concerts you'll be hearing but I won't be singin' with a band
I'm Joe the Singin' Janitor, cleanin' up for the folks, gettin by the best I can

I'm in your school room, your pool room, your office and your home
And I always give you service with a smile
And most folks never think that a janitor needs
A little kindness once in a while
Well I really don't care if you think I'm square from my hat down to my shoes
I'm Joe the Singin' Janitor, so go easy on a guy tryin' to make life easy for you

Well the schoolkids like to have a laugh on me, with their spitballs and chewin' gum messMakin' fun of my cornball singin' voice and the real square way I dress

Well I'm gonna sing a song in the principal's office, so they better respect an old man
I'm Joe the Singin' Janitor, workin' hard for the kids, gettin' by the best I can
Well if a broomstick was a microphone, I could show you all a thing or two
I ain't on the stage, just a dirty old floor, and I got a lot of work to do
I can't carry a tune in a bucket but I carry that bucket with pride
I'm Joe the Singin' Janitor, yeah I'm the man behind the mop I make everything sparkle & shine