Junior Brown

Letra de Hillbilly Hula Gal

Letras de Junior Brown

"Hillbilly Hula Gal"

Way out in the island with the coconut tree
With the pearly shells and the tropical breeze
There's a hillbilly girl from Tennessee
My hillbilly hula gal

She's had enough of the hills and me
So she's taken to the lessons in Waikiki
I guess she's right where she wants to be
My hillbilly hula gal

She dances with wahini's in the islands now
She's trying to do the hula but she don't know how
She's got the poniola's in her own corral
She feeds them grits and gravy at the old luau

The Blue Grass hills and the Mountain Dew
Wait till she leaves Honolulu
She better come home like she's suppose to do
My hillbilly hula gal

Now she looks twice as good in a little grass skirt
Than overalls and a tore up shirt
But corn don't grow in lava dirt
My hillbilly hula gal

There's smiles on the faces if the island boys
Cause her southern drawl gives a big enjoy
She can't churn butter when she's dipping that poi
My hillbilly hula gal

Now she never used to give a hoot for coconuts or taro root
She's a country gal living in the islands now
She's trying to get the hula girl to show her how

When she gets through with this fantasy
Just come on back to Tennessee
Back with me where she's suppose to be
My hillbilly hula gal, my hillbilly hula gal