Letra de The Deepest Well

Letras de Yellowcard

"The Deepest Well"

I see the barricades ahead
Roll my sleeves up, lift my head
I hear you well, what can't be done
You are many, I am one
And what becomes, it's hard to tell
Like looking down the deepest well
But I will take a torch with me
And light the way for you to see

[Pre-Chorus - Matty Mullins:]
Do you understand, what it's for?
This dirt is on my hands, blood on yours

I was crawling up the walls for so long
You were pulling me down, pulling me
I was trying not to fall for so long
Now I'm gonna get out, Gonna get out

Compliments like falling rocks
Are ticking bombs with faulty clocks
And I will not be fooled again
I took my means and found my end
Took all the days from then to now
The steps I climbed to show you how
Small the world would seem to be
When you forget what you believed


[Chorus x2]