Letra de The Underdogs

Letras de Weezer

"The Underdogs"

Everything we fight for,
Seems to get shot down.
No one seems to notice,
It's like we ain't around.
They tear us into pieces,
And throw us here and there.
No one knows how much we care.
So much pain,
So many tears,
So much hurt.
When we gonna learn?
We got to give our best,
And push until we break on through.

We're shooting straight for the top,
Our engine never will stop.
This is our destiny,
Nothing's too good to be.
We know the score,
We're gonna break down the door.
You wished you weren't much,
this time we got a hunch,
We're the underdogs.

The people that we trusted,
Really let us down.
Everybody wants to fly,
And never touch the ground.
They treat us like we're pieces,
In a parlor game,
Leaving us to take the blame.
We don't care,
We don't mind,
We won't come,
When they call.
We're taking what they give,
Cause we can rise above it all.


Feeling the pain,
Hearing the names,
We struggle to,
we are broken.
For all this hurt,
We thank you.